Gilded silver pendant in the shape of a female figure dressed as an aristocrat, often called the "Lady of Tuna' (Damen i Tuna). The woman is wearing a long skirt or dress, with horizontal tablet-woven bands and a cloak which drapes on the floor. Over her shoulders she has a shawl which is attached under the chin by a round brooch. On her chest hangs a four-row set of large beads. Her hair is up in two knots on her head and a long braid runs down over her back. It is unclear whether the aristocratic lady depicts a real or a mythological woman, but it may well be the Aesir goddess Frigg, the wife of Odin. Grave find, Tuna, Alsike Parish, Uppland.
Image rights: Myrin, Ola/SHM (Creative Commons Erkännande 4.0 Internationell Publik Licens)
Object number: 108947_HST

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