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The stone is probably a gravestone. It was found in 1911 when new graves were being dug in Resmo Cemetery. It was donated to the Swedish History Museum in the same year. The main motif is two deer-like runic animals in Urnes Style. The bottom edge of the stone is damaged and the inscription along the edge is incomplete, but runs '….the stones in memory of Svena, her husband…'. "Stones" in the plural suggests that the monument originally consisted of several stones, and that they comprised an early Christian tomb monument. The fact that the motif and inscription are only on the flat side of the stone means that it is unlikely that the stone was a headstone, similar to those which appeared on the mainland. The find spot was probably the eastern part of the cemetery, where the stone was originally located. The black, red and white painting is modern, but is based on what it was possible to glean from the other stones. Resmo Church, Resmo Parish, Öland.

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