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Cast bronze male figure with upturned moustache and pointed goatee beard. He is wearing a pointed hat, possibly a helmet. He has a knee-length coat and a belt around the waist. The right arm is bent towards the waist. The left is damaged, broken off at shoulder height. The feet each have a nail hole, suggesting that the statuette had been mounted on a base. Some people believe that the figure was deliberately depicted with one deformed, damaged eye. Thus the figure would represent the Aesir god Odin, who sacrificed one eye in order to drink from the well of the giant Mímir. His aim was to achieve the highest wisdom and ability to see everything happening in the world. Others believe that the 'damage' occurred accidentally, during casting and that it is not at all certain that it depicts Odin. Nevertheless, for a long time this bronze figure has been called 'the Odin from Lindby". Stray find in a gravel pit, Lindby, Svenstorp Parish, Skåne.

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Object number: 109043_HST

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