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Set of beads

Large set of rock crystal and carnelian beads plus 15 different types of pendant, all arranged in a circle. The beads are different, but most are faceted. Five are bead pendants on which one or several beads are arranged on a thin, twisted silver ring which in turn is attached to main part. The ten other pendants are all silver; a coin, a bowler chair, a shield, a sickle, a snake pendant and four others which have been made from different types of belt or bag mounts. Judging from the grave arrangement, the whole set had been placed in this fashion on the chest of the buried woman. They appear not to have been, as is common, attached to her brooches. It is possible that the arrangement was attached directly to her clothing. Another alternative may be that it was placed on her during the burial. Grave find, Birka, Bj 632, Adelsö Parish, Uppland.

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Object number: 108117_HST

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