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Weather vane

Gilded bronze weather vane. Decorated in Ringerike Style. Consists of large and small bronze plates and an animal figure which stands on the upper edge. The holes on the curved underside functioned as loops for free hanging leaves, which are missing. The main part of the weather vane consists of an openwork part with three animal figures and intertwined loops. The main figure is a winged animal with curved neck, outstretched front leg and narrow back portion. The back leg is missing. A circle-shaped, curved animal is lying around it and biting front leg of the main animal. The third animal is twined around the trunk of the main animal and does not have legs. This weather vane sat on the tower of Söderala Church and arrived at the museum in 1917 from Söderala Church, Söderala Parish, Hälsingland.

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Object number: 106752_HST

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